As McAfee was revamping it's desktop app, there were many features and initiatives which required new designs. Below is a collection of some of the many optimizations for which I was the lead product designer.
Automatic Updates
McAfee's automatic updates page was very much outdated, it made use of the old design system and was not so much in line with how automatic updates are handled industry wide today. For this new design I introduced a simple switch toggle and removed the notification options as these were moved somewhere more relevant. This new design is more in line McAfee's design system and is more consistent with more features within the app like VPN and Firewall. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
End User License Agreement
McAfee's end user license agreement needed an update, for this I created a far more stripped back and lighter design that is more in line to what is done in the industry today by only having some value proposition and an accept button, users can access the terms and conditions via external links if need be. Less is more in this instance.
Update to VPN Settings
One of VPN's latest updates included introducing a select a protocol feature for your connection. For this I made an update to the VPN settings page that gives instruction to the user on what happens and a list of selections.
Subscription expiry notice
As McAfee was expanding its feature set in the desktop app, we needed to let users know the value these features provided them before their subscription ran out. For this I created a new and updated modal overlay that showed the four most active features and their respective metrics.

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